Easy music management and playback at your Icerink or Club

No waiting in line to connect a phone to play skating program music

No lost dongles for phones

Always know who will be practicing their program next

Maximize the practice time by having efficient program music playback.

All music is stored on the cloud

Music is added to the play cue using a smartphone

Everyone can see the up coming music on their smart phone, smart watch, or optional monitor

System will also announce the skater’s name when starting the music as wells as the skater up next

How It Works

Scan QR Code

Once at the rink the coach or skater can scan the posted QR code using the app on their smartphone

Add Music

Select a program song to add to the Cue List from the skaters music of their list of music stored in the Cue My Music cloud

Music Cue list

View the upcoming music play list on smart phone, smart watch, or video monitor. Songs will automatically start in order shown in play list.

Managing music at your rink is as easy as 1,2,3

Connect our Cue My Music device to your PA system

It is a small device that plugs into your PA system using a standard 3.5 mm plug. Same plug that a smartphone would use to connect to the PA. The device requires 120 Vac outlet and access to the internet using Wifi or ethernet cable.

Users and Coaches sign up for a free account

The account allow them to upload music programs to the cloud. These songs can then be selected to be added to the playlist cue for the rink.

Users and Coaches add music to the rinks playlist

Scan the rink's QR code with the smartphone app and select the music program to be added to the current playlist cue.

Rink or Club Administrator has control over the system and users access

The administrator has full control over the users, system settings, and reports.

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About Us

Practical Design Group, LLC has over 25 years of experience writing software and developing computer hardware

After being involved with figure skating at our local rinks for over 10 years we recognized the need to handle the playing of skaters program music over the PA system. Which is why we put our experience to use to create Cue My Music.